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Georgia Writers Hall of Fame 2018 Inductee 

Award Winning Sci-Fi Writer

Michael Bishop

"The City and the Cygnets"

Sunday December 8, 2-4PM

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 About the Author                                             About the Book

This award-winning American writer with over thirty books has created a body of work that stands among the most admired in modern sci-fi & fantasy literature.  

After receiving bachelors and masters degrees in English at UGA, Bishop taught at the US Air Force Academy Preparatory School in Colorado Springs from 1968-72, where he also taught a course in science fiction.  

He returned to teach briefly at UGA then became a full-time writer in 1974.

His stories have appeared in Playboy, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, the Missouri Review, the Indiana Review, the Chattahoochee Review, the Georgia Review, Omni Magazine and Interzone Magazines.

In recent years, Bishop has returned to teaching and is writer-in-residence at LaGrange College near his home in Pine Mountain, GA. 

He and his wife, Jeri, have a daughter and two grand-children.   His son, Christopher James Bishop, was one of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre on April 16, 2007...More about Michael Bishop

"[These] stories . . . elliptically chronicle the life of an alternative Atlanta, Georgia, 2000-2070. 

Beneath a huge artificial dome that blocks out the stars, hierarchically stashed on nine subterranean levels with computer-controlled simulations of weather and seasonal change, the citizens of this grim, bureaucracy-ridden sardine tin . . . contrive not just to endure but to prevail. 

Through 70 years of increasing repression, various free spirts turn a living cubicle into a facsimile of a starship in deep space, experiment with multipartner 'marriages' for the elderly, or dearly earn moments of mutual benison with an unwanted cubicle-mate. . . . bearing witness to the weedlike survival of human instinct and aspiration in the most confining and programmed environment." [from Kirkus Reviews] 

"Michael Bishop's Urban Nucleus concept was one of the great extrapiolicative achievements of science ficton in the 1970s.  In the novel A Little Knowledge and the accompanying story cycle Catacomb Years, he gave it vivid life.  Now forty years later, he has drawn both books together in  revised and re-imagined versions to provide modern readers with a single unified text of this vast vision of the near future."  Rober Silverberg, SFWA Grand Master