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Jim Halloran

 Georgia's Very Own

Meet Jim Halloran and Stephen Huggins
of Madison Georgia

Thursday, February 13 
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
(Doors open 6:30)
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Stephen Huggins

Baseball and America

Baseball has been a part of America’s history for 150 years; it’s embedded in its toughest times and helped it heal when not much else would do.  It’s responsible for uniting people of all ages, races, and religions across the nation to support a favorite team

Baseball and America is a celebration of those times. A celebration of the nostalgia certain players and teams evoke for older fans, while also teaching a newer generation about the different hardships baseball and America have faced together.



A retired educator who has authored four professional and four college and high school textbooks combined his education and writing background to include his favorite subject, baseball...more


Stephen Huggins holds five degrees, which includes a PhD in History. A retired Aerospace executive, he has taught history at the University of Georgia and Georgia Military College...more

America's Use of Terror

From the first, America has considered itself a “shining city on a hill”—uniquely lighting the right way for the world. But it is hard to reconcile this picture, the very image of American exceptionalism with what America’s Use of Terror shows us: that the United States has frequently resorted to acts of terror to solve its most challenging problems. 

Any “war on terror,” Stephen Huggins suggests, will fail unless we take a long, hard look at ourselves. It is this informed perspective that his book provides.