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2019 Calendar

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First Quarter

January 23

Flannery O'Connor Book Club :  "The Turkey" + "Wildcat" (two stories from O'Connor's MFA thesis)

January 30
Quarterly Meet the Author Series  Jameson Gregg - Luck Be A Chicken:  a comic novel

February 13
Meet Madison Writers Halloran and Huggins

February 13-16

February 20

Flannery O'Connor Book Club:  "The Artificial N---" , O'Connor's favorite story)

February 23-24

Augusta Literary Festival

March 6-7

March 26 

Flannery O'Connor Book Club "The Geranium" + "Judgment Day" (O'Connor's first story + its revision into her last story)

March 29

Meet the Author Series: Georgia Writers Hall of Fame inductee Author Phillip Lee Williams, discusses new book “Far Beyond the Gates.”

Second Quarter 

April 11

Writing Workshop with Jessica Handler - "Writing History:  Yours and Others'"

April 11

Jekyll Island Book Festival 

April 16

Flannery O'Connor Book Club: Selection TBD

May 16

Flannery O'Connor Book Club  Selection TBD

May 16 

Quarterly Georgia Writers Hall of Fame Book Club:  Selection TBD

June 2

Meet the Author Series: