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Georgia Writers Hall of Fame Book Club

 Thursday, May 23 at 6:00 PM
Georgia Writers Museum
109 S Jefferson Avenue, Eatonton, Georgia

Georgia Odyssey
by  James C. Cobb 

“Georgia Odyssey" is our second non-fiction text after Janisse Ray”s “Ecology of a Cracker Childhood” and is the highly acclaimed history of Georgia’s 250 years.  

While it serves as the standard text in Georgia colleges and universities, "Georgia Odyssey" is not a dry, formal history, but a lively and personal read with wit and clarity.  

It also includes an excellent review of the leading Georgia writers and their contributions which resulted in its selection as a Top 25 book by Living Georgians by the Georgia Center for the Book.  

The book is available in paperback and is 180 pages.  Along with other bookstore and online sources, the book is in stock at the Georgia Writers Museum and can be purchased for $20 (includes tax).  Call 706-991-5119 or click here to reserve your copy.  

About the Author:  James Cobb was inducted in the Hall of Fame in November, 2018 and was the featured author at the Museum's January 27th “Meet the Author” event.  

A native of Hart County, Dr. Cobb received his History degrees from UGA, including a PHD  in 1975 where he is the Emeritus Professor.  He has received many honors across the South and has taught at several southern universities including Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.  


About the GWHOF Book Club

The Book Club was formed in 2016 to meet once a quarter to discuss a  book from a GWHOF inductee, preferably  an author who is living with recently published books.  The books will be the author’s most highly regarded books, and depict contemporary life in Georgia.

Books from past GWHOF Book Club Meetings

August, 2016 Terry Kay To Dance with the White Dog

November, 2016 Judson Mitcham The Sweet Everlasting

February, 2017 Janisse Ray Ecology of a Cracker Childhood

May, 2017 Calder Willingham Rambling Rose

August, 2017 Bailey White Mama Makes up Her Mind…

November, 2017 Philip Lee Williams The Heart of a Distant Forest

February, 2018 Ferrol Sams Run With the Horsemen

May, 2018 Brainard Cheney Devil’s Elbow

August, 2018 Margaret Mitchell Gone with the Wind

November, 2018 Melissa Fay Greene The Temple Bombing

February, 2019 Tayari Jones Leaving Atlanta

Discussion Leader:

Jack Shinneman, a founding member of Georgia Writers Museum