Georgia Writers Museu

  Every story starts somewhere...

Georgia Writers Museum is located in the lake country town of Eatonton, where you can ....

     ... explore the lives of famous writers Alice Walker, Flannery O'Connor and Joel Chandler Harris who all grew up and began writing in the area ...

     ... discover Georgia's extraordinary contribution to American literature with the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame exhibit in collaboration with the University of Georgia ...

     ... join in building a museum experience to include  leading edge virtual reality technology to entertain and educate young and old alike!

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Mark Your Calendar

Flannery O'Connor Book Club

Thursday April 18 at 10am

Thursday May 16 at 10am

Georgia Writers Hall of Fame Book Club 

Thursday May 23 at 6pm

Museum Hours

Thursday & Friday 11 - 5 

                  Saturday  10 - 3

Monday - Wednesday  

by appointment 

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or schedule a group tour.

109 South Jefferson Street eatonton ga 31024

109 South Jefferson Ave., P.O. Box 3429, Eatonton, Georgia 31024   706-991-5119    Website: