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   In observation of current State and Federal health recommendations, the Museum is closed
until further notice.  
Please check back for virtual offerings and other activities until conditions change.  

(Portraits by Lake Country Artist Chris Cook)

           Look!  Virtual Mini Tours!  
Learn more about our featured local writers, Harris, O'Connor and Walker. Filled with facts and stories, the tours are informative, fun, but not too long!  Check back each week as we add new episodes.  Current videos available for viewing:

Joel Chandler Harris' Childhood

Teen Years at Turnwold

Flannery O'Connor's Childhood
College Years at Georgia State College for Women

Alice Walker's Childhood

College Years

Coming next:   Harris After Turnwold  


Permanent Exhibits
Alice Walker
Flannery O'Connor
Joel Chandler Harris
UGA Hargrett LIbraries Georgia Writers
Hall of Fam

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Georgia Writers Hall of Fame)


Virtual Flannery O’Connor Reading Group

“The Enduring Chill"
Thursday, June 4 -  4:30 and 7:0 PM 

    Register for this online discussion lead by Dr. Monica Miller 
    President, Flannery O'Connor Society & Professor, Middle   
    Georgia State University

    Story available in Flannery O’Connor, The Complete Stories,
    and the Library of America edition, 
Flannery O’Connor: The
    Collected Works

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Want to Be a Writer BUT...
Afraid to Get Started? 

Working Georgia writers offer individual perspective on why or how they write.  Some give advice, some give their story about how they became writers.   

Not a tutorial, this book is a thought-provoking easy read that may help you get past the common obstacle that keeps so many good writers from even getting started

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