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The Writers Studio - classes for writers of all ages

Writers Studio Adult Class Schedule

Saturday, July 14 -  10:00  AM to Noon 
"How to Make Your Characters Come Alive" 

Author/Instructor Valerie Joan Connors   

Learn techniques of character development and consistency to make your writing cohesive and authentic.

Location: Georgia Writers Museum  Register

Saturday, August 25  - 10:00 AM to Noon
"From Story to Finished Book:  How to Get Your Story Published"

Author/Instructor Rona Simmons

Gain a better understanding of the process involved in starting to write a book, finishing a book, and the options you have to getting your book published.

Location: Georgia Writers Museum  


Saturday, September 15 - 10:00 AM to Noon
“Marketing Your Book: How to Become Rich and Famous as an Author  

Author/instructor Chip Bell 

If you want more than family and friends to buy your book, learn how to promote it using blogging, social media and other ways to reach people you don’t know and places you've never been.

Location: Georgia Writers Museum


Saturday, October 20  -  10:00 AM to Noon 
“The Power of Your Story: Find it, Own it, Use It” 

Author/Instructor Betty Liedtke 

Find the hidden gems of experience and understanding that are within you to apply to your writing and make it your unique expression.

Location: Georgia Writers Museum

Writers Studio Youth Class Schedule

Date TBD -
"Writing your Screen Play; A Screenwriter's Workshop" 

Instructor:  Angela Criscoe

Develop, write, and pitch your screen play in a series of 4 classes.  

Created for high school students and offered after school hours one day a week,.  

Participants learn story structure, how to break through writer's block, and how to present their story to filmmakers.

Upon registration, participants will receive a beginning worksheet to prepare for the first day of the class. 

*Students will have the opportunity to present their stories to professional filmmakers.